About Social Earthlings

Kia ora! I'm Rachel, founder and owner of Social Earthlings.

Since bringing my son into the world, I have felt an overwhelming responsibility to protect the world he’ll grow up in. Our family is on a journey to reduce our waste and live more mindfully. My growing passsion for living more sustainably meant I needed to make some pretty big changes in my life, including a career change. After spending over a year searching for a new path to better suit my morals and family life, I finally came up with a concept I thought I could make fun, would help others and would reduce our waste problem.


Parties create a lot of waste! My mission is to minimise that by offering environmentally concious parents a convenient way to host celebrations for their little people.






In a nutshell, I will provide you with hire products that replace the need for disposable products.

When hiring a party box, you will recieve everything ready to go. You're not required to wash any of the products afterwards, this is included in the price.

I will also provide you with a food waste bin for all your left over scraps from the party. I will take this away and compost them in my bokashi bins, meaning even less waste ending up in your general rubbish.



Bokashi originated in Japan, the word Bokashi can be translated as ‘fermented organic matter’. Bokashi ‘pickles’ your food waste, unlike traditional composting where waste is allowed to decay. The Bokashi system produces nutrient-rich compost that you can dig into your garden or transfer to your garden compost to break down. Foods such as meat, dairy and other processed food can be put in bokashi bins, unlike traditional compost bins where it may attract rodents and take an extended period of time to break down.