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Buying gifts for children.


Most of my friends have a dread of Christmas and birthdays because of all the well meaning friends and relatives who spoil their child. After the frenzy of ripping everything open there is mountains of packaging that must be disposed of, more stuff to find space for and a child who is expected to show gratitude amoungst this chaos.

I sent out a Facebook event invite for my sons birthday and on it I included a request around gifts.

“Please do not feel obliged to buy B a gift, he has all and more than he needs in life. If you would like to bring a gift please consider that our family is trying hard to not only reduce our waste and plastic in our home but also trying to raise a child who values relationships and experiences over possessions. Crunchy rant over 🍃✌🏻”

🛍I get that it’s hard to not to buy a gift for a 3 year old... I still take a gift of some description to every child’s party I attend. I was really proud of our friends and family and the thought they put into the gifts they brought. A few people had their kids do homemade cards and minimal wrapping 😍 🛍Many gave money which we will either bank into his savings account or purchase some much needed furniture for his room. He also got a Whitcouls voucher, plant barn voucher to buy a special tee (how cool?!), vouchers for entries to a few different animal parks, wooden toys, a wooden bird feeder and several fun and practical items that were appropriate for where he’s at right now. 🛍I’m still navigating how I can raise a little person to not be an all consuming monster in a world that is obsessed with everything that is new, shiny and cheap. If we can teach our children (and ourselves) to place importance on real and sustainable values, feelings and experiences we will raise happier more content adults.

📸Picture courteous of my clever sister who made this as a birthday gift for a lucky little girl from fabric she already owned and used the seal from a charity shop bag. Made with love, zero waste and beautiful. What more could you want?

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